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Jordon Campbell

Jordon Campbell is an actress, writer and director. She started on stage in Baltimore.

She was in “ Who is my Shepherd” and “The Six of Us.” Moving to Philadelphia, she got the opportunity to move into film where she acted in her first feature film “FON.” Since then she has played in “Queens”, “Take Care Tasha,” “Workbae,” “The Therapist,” “Money Lovers”, “Love Happens,” “I Don’t Need an Angel, ‘Queens,” “Cobwebs”, “Now I See” and she made her directorial and writing debut in “The Deepest Cut.”

She continues to do stage plays as well. This includes “Lustful Temptations”, “If I can thank you,” “ Butterfly”, “ Family Ties,” and “ Rolling Dices” She looks forward to having more opportunities to grow and to explore different characters that will stretch her acting skills.

I am excited to do the project because it highlights women. The writing shows women who are in charge and running things. There aren’t a lot of projects out there where this is seen. This project has so much potential in where it can go and there can be so much growth in the characters and their story.

Jordon Campbell
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