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Feature Length 8 Week Film Workshop


The Shaw Files Tv Episodic Workshop allows actors interested in television shows and web series the opportunity to act in a ten-episode episodic series.

Upon completion Actors will receive certificates, behind the scenes footage of their growth throughout the workshop, and a copy of the project once its edited and released.


Week One: Introduction to the screenplay, character breakdown, table read, and first monologue. Actor meet and greet, 3-hour session.
Week Two: 2 day Rehearsal, more intensive table read. Monologue without the script. 4-hour session with multiple
actors. Actors vary depending on the scene.
Week Three: Film day. Actors are prepared to put in a full day. 10 hours depending on the shot list getting completed.
Week Four Film Day. 10-hour film day depending how quickly the shot list is completed.
This process will repeat every 4 weeks over 12 weeks.

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