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Get to Know Us

Steel City Indie houses youth film programs, annual charitable events, junior entrepreneur programs, actor workshops, screenwriting services, short films, feature films, documentaries, podcasts, books, audiobooks, and online series. 

The Steel City Indie Youth Film Workshops are designed to give Pittsburgh citywide youth creative opportunities to express themselves through wiring and film. Our kids write and produce their own screenplays, short films, documentaries, and podcasts. The reward in seeing the excitement in our youth when they create and complete a project is second to none. 



  • I’m looking to connect with actors, marketers, brand builders, distributors, and more.

  • I offer acting workshops to youth and new and upcoming actors looking to try acting, expand their skills, help with auditions, and create self tapes and reels.

  • I’m a screenwriter that offers my writing talents to television networks, film companies, independent film producers, and theatre groups that are looking for someone to write scripts for their productions.

  • I host a podcast highlighting business owners, authors, actors, non-profits, and anyone selling a product giving them a platform and exposure.

  • I host yearly community giving back events. (Toy drives, Back to school supply events, Thanksgiving dinner basket giveaways, free prescription eyeglass giveaways, clothing, hygiene products, and more.)

My name is Courtland Kenley

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